THE HUG [platform for cultural cooperation] is a cultural association non-profit, whose  purpose is the creation of networks of cultural cooperation at European and international level, in the fields of art, architecture and design. THE HUG was born thanks to the impetus of the visual artist, GILFER, with the support of Rafael Agudo, Javier Duero, Adriana M. Berges and Klaara Nieminen, producers and cultural managers. Its main commitment is with the culture, highlighting the networking, co-production and research. The main objective of  THE HUG is the immersion of artists, managers and Commissioners, in an area of cooperation, therefore creating new work, artistic and personal experiences. THE HUG is intended to be a platform of union between Spain and other countries, to, be able to create new ties of cooperation, management, creation and cultural innovation.

Now THE HUG’s  work is mainly focused on Finland.

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